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Many parents find me only after their child has faced repeated suspensions, been expelled, placed on homebound, or placed in an inappropriate alternative placement and they are desperate for services.  In some cases, the student has never been evaluated for special educational services or had an IEP despite failing for years or struggling with mental health issues.  If the school knew or should have known that your child had a disability, it had an affirmative duty to attempt to perform a psychoeducational evaluation of your child to ascertain if your child has special needs.   If the school failed to do this but your child should have been found eligible for special education and related services but was not, your child is still entitled to all the legal protections of a student who had properly been evaluated and found eligible in regard to how the school handles the suspension/expulsion.

We can help you navigate this process, review your child’s records, and assist you in understanding the school’s responsibly to children with emotional disabilities, behavioral difficulties, learning disabilities, processing problems, social understanding and social skills.  I can advise parents in a number of disciplinary issues including:

  • Manifestation Determinations

  • Challenging Functional Behavior Assessments and/or Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Suspensions

  • Expulsions

  • Alternative Placements

  • Residential Needs and Placement

  • Therapeutic or Private Day Placements